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Vibora (Under heavy development)

Vibora is a sexy and fast hybrid (sync/async) Python 3.6+ web framework & server.
  • Fast and efficient (probably the fastest Python web framework).
  • Schemas / Validation engine. (15x faster than marshmallow)
  • Template Engine (AOT compiler, smart cache/reloader, deep inheritance, 2x faster than Jinja2)
  • Websockets (RFC 7118 / RFC 6455)
  • Components / Nested Blueprints / Domain Based Routes
  • Connection Reaper / Self-Healing Workers
  • Sessions (encrypted cookies, Redis, Memcache, files)
  • Download / Upload streaming
  • MultipartForm streaming (Cython finite state machine)
  • Caching tools (go fast or go home)
  • Complete flow customization (A.k.a Middlewares / Signals / Listeners / Black Magic)
  • Static Files (Smart Cache, Range, LastModified, ETags, Streaming)
  • Complete Test Framework (async & websocket included)
  • Type hints, type hints everywhere.


  • Be the fastest Python web framework.
  • Windows / Linux / MacOS.
  • Correctness > Performance > Easiness of Use > Framework Maintenance.
  • Server and Framework, one soul.
  • Enjoyable development environment.
  • Provide a modern Flask alternative to the community.

Usage Example

import asyncio
from vibora import Vibora
from vibora.request import Request
from vibora.responses import JsonResponse
app = Vibora()
def home():
return JsonResponse({'hello': 'world'})
@app.route('/async', methods=['GET'])
async def home_async(request: Request):
await asyncio.sleep(1)
return JsonResponse({'hello': 'world'}, status_code=201)
if __name__ == '__main__':


  • Logs
  • Router Host/Subdomains
  • Async requests timeout.
  • Implement a faster, correct and tested router.
  • Remove requests dependency
  • Pause Writing big templates
  • Streaming
  • Improve URL FOR
  • Tests
  • Verify compile warnings by messing up any extension path on
  • Check on big uploads
  • Command line tools
  • Websockets


  • HTTP2 Support.
  • Rate Limiting (AWS & Ip Tables integration to help with DDOS)
  • Cluster-Wide publish/subscribe events API.
  • Near real-time API with statistics about the server.
  • Native i18n support.
  • Auto Reloading
  • JIT compiler for user routes.
  • Authentication/Authorization Framework

Special Thanks

  • Armin Ronacher. No words needed, this whole framework is based on many of his projects.
  • Cython developers. Crazy stuff. Awesome work.
  • Paweł Piotr Przeradowski. Japronto inspired a lot this framework, thanks bro!


  • Where the performance comes from ?
    • Cython. Critical framework pieces are written Cython so it can leverage C speed in critical stuff.
    • Common tasks as template rendering, schema validation were made builtin in the framework,
      written from scratch with performance in mind.
  • It's Pypy compatible ?
    • Not yet. But I'll make sure it works on Pypy as soon as Pypy reaches 3.5 stable.
  • Why not use Jinja2 ?
    • It's hell easier to write something from scratch when looking for performance on something
      already heavily optimized.
  • Where is Japronto on benchmarks ?
    • Japronto is a proof of concept. The whole framework is missing a huge chunk of features and fixes.
      The author of the framework does not encourage the usage of it and so do I.
    • Japronto can be faster than Vibora on naked benchmarks thanks to impressive hand-coded C
      and faster HTTP parser (pico X noyent).
    • Vibora does not use "picohttparser" because I don't think it's safe enough and there are bunch of issues/pull
      requests waiting years to be fixed.
    • Hand-coded C extensions can be a nightmare hell to non-expert C devs so I'm not
      willing to replace Cython with baby cared C code. Still I'm willing to replace Cython with Rust extensions
      if they get stable enough.
    • Compare a naked framework against a fully featured framework is just dumb. To give you a reason:
      Vibora was 30% faster before security and features were a concern.
  • Why don't export the template engine into a new project ?
    • I'm planning to do so but right now I want to focus on Vibora features/integration.
  • Can we make it even faster ?
    • Sure! I have a hell bunch of ideas but I'm one man army. Are you willing to help me ? :)
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