Vibora is developed on GitHub and pull requests are welcome but there are few guidelines:

1) Introduction of new external dependencies is highly discouraged and will probably not be merged.

2) Patches that downgrade the overall framework performance, unless security/fix ones, will need to prove great value in functionality to be merged.

3) Bug fixes must include tests that fail/pass in respective versions.

4) PEP 8 must be followed with the exception of the max line size which is currently 120 instead of 80 chars wide.

Reporting an issue

1) Describe what you expected to happen and what actually happens.

2) If possible, include a minimal but complete example to help us reproduce the issue.

3) We'll try to fix it as soon as possible but be in mind that Vibora is open source and you can probably submit a pull request to fix it even faster.

First time setup

1) Clone Vibora repository.

2) Create a virtualenv and install the dependencies listed on requirements.txt

3) Run (Vibora has a lot of cython extensions and this file helps to build them so you can test your code without the need to install or compile libraries manually.

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